Saturday, March 19, 2011

Foam Weapon League ?

I just watched a promo video for a feature on Craigslist TV- check this out if you've didn't already know.

And Next Week... I will be writing about Dog Brothers MMA

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Other Martial Arts.... Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, MMA

One of my commentors suggested I cover the topic of Krav Maga.  I actually think that is a great idea.  Krav Maga along with a few others are relatively 'new' martial arts all created within the last century.  These new systems tend to utilize the components of many other more traditional systems and styles.  These new systems borrow what is supposed to be the 'best of all martial arts' to provide you, the student with the most powerful tools and skills.  Sounds good right?  Sure, because it is a marketing ploy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fighting on the Ground

For many years my training was mostly confined to stand up fighting and self defense. I figured that if I honed my skills in stand up fighting that I would not have to deal with grappling, wrestling or fighting on the ground.

Then came the UFC...

If you are not familiar with the UFC it is the Ultimate Fighting Challenge. The UFC is a professional arena where two opponents use mixed martial arts skills to fight to a knockout, submission or decision by judges.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

UFC 128, Shogun vs. Jones

This event was supposed to take place in Abu Dhabi, the UFC's return to the United Arab Emirates. However, the UFC scrapped the idea, and I don't blame them with all the crazy violence and political strife going on in the Middle East.

Jones, who is a relative new comer compared to the Brazilian, Shogun's experience in Pride and  UFC, is a shocking match up.  This pairing only came about after Jon Jones' post-fight interview, following his victory over Ryan Bader at UFC 126, Rogan announced that Rashad Evans injured his knee and Jones was to replace Evans in the fight against Shogun for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Neck Punch

The neck punch is one of those strikes that can completely disable almost anyone.  The Neck punch is one of the best examples of the magic of surprise.  If done correctly you will collapse the windpipe of your opponent immediately.

There are a few ways to approach trying to punch someone in the neck.  The easiest is if they are not expecting the neck punch, there attention will be elsewhere and their hands will likely down.  I do like the "look over there!" move as illustrated in the photo to the left, but I think that might only work when you are 12 years or or fighting someone who is drunk.

My own experiance

I've been in my fair share of fights; even come out looking pretty good in a few of them, not so good in the rest.  I realized early on what worked and what didn't when it came to after school fights. Here are a few tips.

1. The bigger they are, the slower they are. A pretty good rule this is especially true if running away from the fight. Also, you can elude some of your burlier assailants by running diagonally.  If you are faced with the opportunity to fight or flee, flee is the better option.  Even the Karate Kid got hurt in the course of his domination of the entire Cobra Kai.

2. Speaking of rules, remember, thumbs and eye sockets do not mix. Well they might mix if you can get your hands on the face of your opponent.  No matter what their skill level, size or strength an eye gouge is the great equalizer.

3. Strike first, ask questions later. Actually, best not to ask questions at all.  This should read Strike first, leave immediately.