Saturday, March 12, 2011

UFC 128, Shogun vs. Jones

This event was supposed to take place in Abu Dhabi, the UFC's return to the United Arab Emirates. However, the UFC scrapped the idea, and I don't blame them with all the crazy violence and political strife going on in the Middle East.

Jones, who is a relative new comer compared to the Brazilian, Shogun's experience in Pride and  UFC, is a shocking match up.  This pairing only came about after Jon Jones' post-fight interview, following his victory over Ryan Bader at UFC 126, Rogan announced that Rashad Evans injured his knee and Jones was to replace Evans in the fight against Shogun for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Jones only was offered the fight after the UFC ask Rampage to fight Shogun.  He declined the fight saying he would "never take a fight with only a four week notice."  It is also rumor he would have not been able to cut weight, he is currently walking around at 250 lbs.

So not an ideal match up for Jones, Shogun however was already preparing to fight either Rashad Evans or Rampage and likely will be able to transfer his game plan over to Jones with ease.  My money is on Shogun and I see this fight ending in 3 rounds with Shogun using the magic of surprise to catch Jones with a right hand.


  1. Yeah good call on them. It'd just be a huge risk to the fightesr and the fans to host in A.D.

  2. did you see the interview with Jones about the chase he got in on the day of the fight?